Powerbutler Single Shimano 36V


by Powerbutler UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Powerbutler Single Shimano is a 12V charger for 36V e-bike batteries that can also charge Shimano StePS batteries. It also charges numerous batteries from other manufacturers with a nominal voltage of 36 volts. You can find the matching adapters below. The device is simply connected to the 12V socket (cigarette lighter) of the car or camper when needed and allows you to charge your e-bike battery while driving or standing.

The Powerbutler Shimano is designed as a universal charger for e-bike batteries and can with the help of various adapters many commercially available batteries, such as Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha, Specialized, Panasonic, Brose, STROMER, GIANT, Impulse, Samsung or batteries with hollow plugs simply charge at 12V. Simply order Powerbutler Single and suitable adapter cable for your battery and you are independent of 230V chargers. If you want to charge different e-bike batteries on 12 volts, you can do this with an additional adapter. Also, you can continue to use the Powerbutler if you have chosen a different assisted drive system when buying a new e-bike.

Please note that the Powerbutler Single, Dual and Premium offered so far are not able to charge the Shimano batteries.

The Powerbutler is ideal for use in the camper as a travel charger, because no energy-wasting inverter is needed, but can simply be charged via the 12V on-board network of the camper. This is efficient and space saving.

The Powerbutler is equipped with a deep discharge protection, so there is no risk to discharge the starter or living area battery too much. The scope of delivery includes one Powerbutler Single each. The appropriate adapter cable for your battery type simply select below additionally.

Technical data:

Input (12V battery): voltage 10-15 V, current 10 A (max).

Output (e-bike battery): voltage 23-43 V, current 2 A (max)

Dimensions: 168 x 103 x 42mm

Weight: approx. 580g plus adapter

Protection functions:

Deep discharge protection of the car battery

Overtemperature, overcurrent, overload

Short circuit at the input (replacement of the fuse necessary)


visual indication of the operating states charging / fully charged / error.

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