Powerbutler Single for Panasonic Flyer SIB2 batteries (36V)


by PowerButler

Powerbutler Single is a 12V charger for Panasonic SIB2 36V batteries. It charges a Panasonic SIB2 type battery with the round charging connector. This drive was used for eBikes e.g. by Flyer.

This Powerbutler is not compatible with the previously introduced Panasonic 26 and 36V batteries, nor with the Next Generation batteries. Powerbutler models are also available for this purpose.

Simply connect it to the 12V socket (cigarette lighter) of the car and charge e-bike batteries while driving. The Powerbutler is also ideally suited for use in motorhomes as a travel charger, because no 12V 230V inverter or shore power is required. This means maximum independence.

The device is equipped with deep discharge protection, so there is no risk of over-discharging the starter or living area battery. The scope of delivery includes a Powerbutler Single and an adapter for Panasonic SIB2 batteries - see photo.

The Powerbutler is equipped with XLR connectors on the output side. This means that if you buy a new e-bike with a different drive system, you can simply continue to use your Powerbutler. With additional adapters, other assisted pedelec batteries can of course also be charged.

Technical data:

Input (12V battery): voltage 10-15 V, current 10 A (max)

Output (e-bike battery): voltage 23-43 V, current 2 A (max)

Dimensions: 168 x 103 x 42mm

Weight: approx. 650g plus adapter

Protective functions:

Deep discharge protection of the car battery

Overtemperature, overcurrent, overload

Short-circuit at input (replacement of fuse necessary)


visual indication of the operating states charging / fully charged / error.

Not suitable for 24-26V batteries

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