Powerbutler Dual Shimano for 36V batteries


by Powerbutler UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Powerbutler Dual Shimano is a 12V charger for e-bike batteries with 36 volts nominal voltage. It charges simultaneously two batteries of the same or different manufacturers, such as Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha, Specialized, Brose, Impulse, STROMER, GIANT, Panasonic, Samsung or batteries with hollow plug.

Choose Powerbutler Dual Shimano and the charging adapters suitable for your battery and you are already independent of 230V sockets for charging your e-bike batteries on trips.

Please note that the conventional Powerbutler Single, Dual and Premium models can not yet charge Shimano batteries. You need Powerbutler Single Shimano or Dual Shimano.

On the input side, the Powerbutler Dual Shimano is simply connected to a suitable 12V socket (cigarette lighter) of the vehicle, which must be fused with 15A for this model and has appropriate wiring.

You can charge with the Powerbutler Dual Shimano while driving or even when stationary. Of course, you can also charge only one battery with the Powerbutler Dual. Best suited is the Powerbutler Dual for operation in the motorhome as a travel charger, because no inverter 12V 230V is needed and also no 230V shore power. This means maximum independence. Powerbutler works extremely efficiently with high efficiency. 

All Powerbutler are equipped with a deep discharge protection, so there is no risk to discharge the starter or living area battery too much. The scope of delivery includes one Powerbutler Dual each. Please select the appropriate charging adapters below additionally.

Since the Powerbutler is equipped with XLR connectors on the output side, you can easily continue to use with a new e-bike purchase with a different drive system. With additional adapters, of course, other assisted e-bike batteries can also be charged. You can see which batteries we support with the Powerbutler so far from the list of available adapters. We are continuously working on validating more battery types for the Powerbutler.

Technical data:

Input (12V battery): voltage 10-15 V, current 15 A (max).

Output (E-Bike battery): voltage 23-43 V, current 2 A (max)

Dimensions: 168 x 103 x 42mm

Weight: approx. 650g plus adapter

Protection functions:

Deep discharge protection of the car battery

Overtemperature, overcurrent, overload

Short circuit at the input (replacement of the fuse necessary)


visual indication of the operating states charging / fully charged / error.

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