Powerbutler Multi for Bosch and XION, Alber, Green Mover


by PowerButler

Powerbutler Multi for Bosch and XION, Alber, Green Mover is a 12 Volt charger for Bosch and XION, Alber, Green Mover or Impulse Evo batteries. It charges one Bosch Active Line, Activ Line plus, Performance Line CX type battery and one XION Green Mover or Impuls Evo battery at the same time. Simply connect via lighter jack in your car or camper and charge your ebike battery while driving. Powerbutler is ideal as travel charger in your campervan, because you don’t need an inverter 12V-230V. Instead it is connected to your campers 12V electrical system. This means maximum independancy.

Powerbutler Multi for Bosch and Impulse charges Power Pack 300, 400, 500, Power Tube 500 and DualBattery and XION, Green Mover, Impulse Evo batteries 36V.

The device is provided with a deep discharge protection, so your starter or living area battery are protected against being deep discharged. The delivery includes Powerbutler Dual and one adapter for Bosch batteries (oval connector) and one Rosenberger magnetic adapter- see pictures

Powerbutler is equipped with XLR connectors on the output side. If you buy a new ebike with a different drive train system or battery, you can continue to use Powerbutler by simply buying another adapter. With an extra adapter you can of course charge other supported battery types too.

Technical specifications:

  • Input (12V-batters): Voltage 10-15 V, power 10 A (max)
  • Output (Ebike battery: Voltage 23-43 V, power 2x 1,3 A (max)
  • dimensions: 168 x 103 x 42mm weight: ca. 580g plus Adapter

Safety functions:

  • deep discharge protection for car battery
  • Excessive temperature, overcurrent, overload
  • shortcircuit on the input (replacement of fuse needed)


  • Visual indicators of operations states charging / fully charged / error

Not suitable for Bosch Classic

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